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Handmade Wooden Pendant Lamp


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  • Materials: bamboo, e27 lamp holder, switch power cable, plastic, copper wire


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A traditionally handwoven Thai bamboo fishing trap, re-purposed into a beautifully minimalistic pendant light.

Various sizes available – For reference, the basket in the majority of pics is size C.

Oblong is the natural shape but they can be made spherical and other shapes easily.

The basket is compressible/expandable like a concertina and can achieve many shapes and position – the oblong shape is the natural position/shape – the round shapes as shown in the listing pictures for example are achieved simply by compressing from each end, and tying the supplied string inside to pull taut as shown to then hold in desired position.

e.g The third picture shows standard oblong baskets, one of which has been made into a round ball shape.

[ About ]

A classic example of Asian craftmanship, these fishing traps are handwoven from natural bamboo using techniques that are centuries old. We’ve added a simple yet precise hanging lamp holder that can be adjusted with an adjustable metal support bracket so that you can position your bulb anywhere inside the basket, along with a choice of ceiling rose to match your style/theme.

The basket can be opened/closed like a concertina to get a variety of shapes and fixed in position with string, from the long droplet style to a round circle.

‘Basket Only’ option includes the metal cord bracket and cord grips.

[ Details ]

○ Traditionally handwoven / handcrafted Thai fishing trap basket from natural bamboo.

○ Choice of natural wood or white metal ceiling rose (with screws & attachments) – OR – 2pin or 3pin plug ( UK & US )

○ E-27 lamp-holder with silicone or natural wood cover

○ Adjustable metal support bracket for holding basket

○ Natural rope or clean white PVC cable (other lengths and colors available upon request)

○ Voltage 110V-250V

○ 60 Watts Max.

[ Approx. measurements ]

Sizes may differ slightly as each is handmade. Approx ranges are below.

— When in natural OBLONG shape —

Size A – Overall height : 85-90 cm / 33-36″ | Diameter : 38-43cm / 15-17″

Size B – Overall height : 70-75cm / 27-30″ | Diameter : 30-35cm / 12-14″

Size C – Overall height : 60-65cm / 23-26″ | Diameter : 27-32cm / 10-13″

Size D – Overall height : 50-55cm / 19-22″ | Diameter : 23-28cm / 9-11″

Size E – Overall height : 45-50cm / 18-20″ | Diameter : 20-25cm / 8-10″

Size F – Overall height : 38-45cm / 15-18″ | Diameter : 18-23cm / 7-9″

— When in ROUND / SPHERE position —

Size A – Diameter : 58-63cm / 23-25″

Size B – Diameter : 43-48cm / 17-19″

Size C – Diameter : 40-45cm / 16-18″

Size D – Diameter : 25-30cm / 10-12″

Size E – Diameter : 20-25 cm / 8-10″

Size F – Diameter : 18-23 cm / 7-9″

— Ceiling rose diameter (both natural and white styles) – 10cm

[ Notes ]

○ The light bulb is not included. We recommend softer energy saving LED or weaker vintage style bulbs as seen in the pictures to protect the bamboo from heat damage.

○ As each piece is individually handmade they will differ slightly in size, shape and shade, and may have small marks and wear.

○ Oblong baskets will be folded/flattened for easier delivery but this has no effect on their shape or strength due to the unique design – simply filling out and ‘pumping’ a few times like an accordian will restore the original oblong shape.

[ Shipping ]

Our lamps are packed with loving care and sent from Northern Thailand via tracked airmail which should reach you in around 10-21 days (US, UK, EU, AUS, ASIA).

For more detailed shipping estimates and information please see our main shipping policy.

Shipping discounts are available for multiple orders.

Express shipping is also available, please feel free to send a message if you would like to arrange.

[ Questions and queries ]

If you have any questions please send a message and we will get back to you asap.

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A, B, C, D, E, F


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